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CYTech website upgrade to V3.0

Source: CYTech      Final Update: 2011-10-17
After our R&D sector long time preparation, plan, development, our company new web is not update successfully and present to all at a brand-new version.

New web have major modification on layout, hue, column set, images management, words organization, new interface looks more delicate, and function more perfect.

The new web have modification on layout, mainly update the products detail information, and add products related software &files, so clients can find they need information more conveniently; On software download page, we make comprehensive correction on each software detail function, contend and applicable system, plus add Applicable products.

On color collocation, we reply on professional UI engineer elaborate design, all sorts of color coordination match,layout is reasonable ,overall management looks delicate instead of previous monotonous dull .

On column set, add media centre, data download and after-sale support merged to service support column.

On images management and words organization, we pull together and had overall verification for web details, modify previous specification mistakes and products pictures mistakes .moreover we complete properties of products and try our best to make each product detail and correct presentation.

Meanwhile, new web have two big advantages: First, add inquires function .By input key words and clients can inquire their ideal products easily and effectively; Second, perfect users centre function, after log in ,clients can inquire their ideal products price easily. Achieving online place an order; online follow order status; online present products questions and check past inquires, past orders., etc records.