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About CYTech 2012 Qingming Festival holiday Notice

Source: CYTech      Final Update: 2012-3-9
All CYTech staff and clients:
According to State Council notice for 2012 Qingming Festival off, and combined with our actual situation, CYTech holiday arranged as below:
Apr 2th  2012 –4thApr 2012 Three -day off. 31th Mar 2012 ( Sat )- 1st Apr 2012 (Sun)work day. 31th Mar (Sat) adjust to rest on 2th Apr (Mon ), 1st Apr (Sun ) adjust to rest on 3th Apr( Tue) , 4nd Apr(Wed) legal Qingming Festival. 5th Apr 2012 will resume to work.
Due to long holiday and during holiday, factory will not produce or ship orders. Please prepare your inquiry at advance and contact to our sales to place your order,
During holiday, every sector arrange operator on duty for security and fire control work.
During holiday, Company call will process automatically to cell phone of our sales on duty.