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Position: Products > Network IP Camera > WBL4 series IR Box WIFI cameras > IP-WBL4131.3M Pixels IR WaterProof Network WIFI Camera

1.3M Pixels IR WaterProof Network WIFI Camera

  • 1.3M Pixels IR WaterProof Network WIFI Camera
  • 1.3M Pixels IR WaterProof Network WIFI Camera

  • 1.3M Pixels IR WaterProof Network WIFI Camera
  • Support ONVIF2.0 standard.

  • 1.3 megapixels HD CMOS sensor, with HD lens.

  • Cloud monitoring service, Network to penetrate, one-click access to the Internet, easy to monitor.

  • IE/CMS/Client/smartphone live view.

  • Support  all kinds of intelligent mobile monitoring(Iphone, Android system) and Pan-tilt controlling.

  • Adopting the newest 1.3megapxiels AR0130 HD  CMOS sensor which presented by America Aptina;

  • Embedded RTOS design, 32 bit dual DSP(HI-3518C), pure hardware  compression, hardware watchdog;

  • With Aptina™A-Pix™pixel technology, more powerful low illumination  sensitivity, lower pixel noisy, higher color reproduction ablility and brightness;

  • Realize real  time 960P HD recording;

  • Adopting IR-CUT switch, more clear image, better color reproduction, lower illumination.it can up  to 0 Lux when the IR on;

  • Use IR trigger  control the signal, IR color cange to B/W sybchrobously, IR-CUT and IR switch  auto-sync, lower noise at night;

  • 4 PCS IR-III Dot Infrared Lights, Indoor IR distance can reach up to 100-120M;

  • Design with intelligent  light-activated and automatically detecting technology to control the infrared  lights, reducing working hours of the light and extending product life in an  energy-saving and environment-friendly way;

  • Apply innovative technology  of series-parallel with lights working independently without mutual  interference;

  • Power supply based constant current limiting design to  ensure nigh-view performance is free from voltage fluctuation;

  • Constant current control circuit separated with light  board, reducing the infrared light heat problem effectively;

  • Adopt HD megapixel lens with better night-view performance than normal lens;

  • Split glass design, lens is separated with IR, thus  avoiding the problems such as flash, refecting and whitening;

  • Original imported glasses, with  anti-dust, anti-fog, waterproof function;

  • High-grade alloy shell, excellent heat dissipation to  ensure camera work long hours stablely;

  • Excellent design, elegant appearance, three-dimensional  hidden thread support(also against cut line);

  • It meets the standard  of IP67 anti-water, anti-dust, adaptable to any environment, even under water;

  • One channel 10/100M adaptive RJ45 interface;

  • Use DC 12V power supply;