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Position: Products > CCTV CCD Camera > IRJG Series IR Waterproof Camera > IRJG-N370S 40M IR Waterproof 700TVL HD CCD CCTV Camera

40M IR Waterproof 700TVL HD CCD CCTV Camera

  • 40M IR Waterproof 700TVL HD CCD CCTV Camera
  • 40M IR Waterproof 700TVL HD CCD CCTV Camera

  • 40M IR Waterproof 700TVL HD CCD CCTV Camera
  • This camera can capture clear images with IR function even in darkness.

  • IR-III Dot Infrared Lights,long visible distance,lighting evenly,long life-span.

  • with external IR LED,lens is separate with IR,totally solve flash,reflecting   and whitening ,etc.problems.

  • Provides OSD with 8 languages.

  • Horizontal mirror,WDR,HLC,ATR,Smart IR,Motion detection,2D-NR and 4 zones Privacy mask functions,etc.

  • It meets the standard of IP66 anti-water,anti-dust,adaptable to any environment.

  • Modern design of shell shape with beautiful appearance,easy to adjust and install;

  • Adopt Sony Enhanced "Effio-E" DSP(CXD4140GG) with high sensitivity.Apply world-class advanced BELL digital signal processing technology,providing excellent-quality image;

  • Equipped with Japanese original 960H Super HAD CCD II(ICX810AKA/ICX811AKA),700TVL normal illumiation CCD,the minimum illumination is 0.01Lux,no flash,colorless bleaching,with high capability of color reproduction,recording natural and clear image;

  • Combine the newest low-power and   wide-voltage circuit design with advantages in quad circuit protection,anti-lightning,anti-surge,anti-electric and   magnetic interference,more stable performance and longer product life

  • Match with 700TVL IR sense CCD.The minimum illumination is 0Lux with IR on.

  • 1 PCS IR-III Dot Infrared Lights.Indoor IR distance can reach up to 40-50M;

  • Design with intelligent   light-activated and automatically detecting technology to control   the infrared lights,reducing working   hours of the light and extending product life in an energy-saving and environment-friendly way;

  • Power supply based constant current limiting design to ensure night-view performance is free from voltage influence;

  • Constant current control circuit separated with light board,effectively reduce the infrared light heat problem;

  • Adopt professional IR lens with   better night-view performance than normal lens;

  • with external IR LED,lens is separate with IR,totally solve flash,reflecting and whitening ,etc.problems;

  • Original imported glasses,with anti-dust,anti-fog,waterproof function;

  • Provides OSD with various kinds of languages,include English/Chinese/Spanish/Russian;

  • It has basic but significant function such as Automatic backlight control (BLC),automatic gain control (AGC) and automatic white balance (AWB) also provides horizontal mirror,WDR,smart IR,motion detection,2D-NR and 4 zones Privacy mask functions,etc;

  • Brightness,contrast,saturation and hue adjustment;

  • Single color or color to black  functions can be setup,adapt for  different needs of more monitoring sites;

  • Back Light compensation(BLC),high light compensation(HLC) and Adaptive Tone Reproduction(ATR) function,reverses the area about strong light,adjust the contrast of object,to light balance;

  • High-grade alloy shell,excellent   heat dissipation to ensure stable camera work long hours;

  • Meet the standard of IP66 in anti-water,anti-dust,highly adaptable to any environment;

  • Use standard DC12V power supply and   compatible with range 3.6-25MM fixed lens;

Effio-E DSP700 TVLIR-III LEDD/N Monitoring
Effio-E DSP700 TVLIR-III LEDD/N Monitoring
Water Proof3.6-25MM Fix LensSpecial IR LensDouble Glass
Water Proof3.6-25MM Fix LensSpecial IR LensDouble Glass
Metal ShellThermal DesignOSD MenuWDR
Metal ShellThermal DesignOSDWDR
Motion DetectionPrivacy MaskHorizontal MirrorNewest Circuit Design
Motion DetectionPrivacy MaskHorizontal MirrorNewest Circuit Design
 Original SONY Chipset

Equipped with Japanese original SONY 960H Super HAD CCD II (ICX810AKA / ICX811AKA ) and Sony Enhanced "Effio-E" DSP(CXD4140GG)

High Resolution image

 Six-Layer PCB

The number of PCB board’s layer will influence the  electrical performance directly,more layers of PCB board,the larger area of  wiring,more uniformly of placing wires.Signal insulation will be better.Interference between the signals will be less and product performance will be  more stable.

Six-Layer PCB

 Immersion Au Process

The bonding pad adopts the Immersion Au Process,components contact well and low loss,the signal transmitted through the copper layer will not be affected,and also with good heat dissipation and electrical performance.

Immersion Au Process

 IR-III  Dot Infrared Lights

The world's latest IR-III dot infrared technology,Single integrated light source instead of the stars traditional LED light source.It’s totally solve the first generation of LED and second generation of array LED disadvantage of fast lumens depreciation,poor heat dissipation,short life time and insufficient brightness,with the advantage of long visible distance,lighting evenly,long life-span,small size.Life is five times that of the conventional LED,two years Light fades ≤10%.

IR-III Dot Infrared Lights

 Profesional Vedio Cable

Inferior video cable uses a kind of thin and impurity containing copper core ,and the protective coating can be inflammable easily,which will affect the signal transmission and electricity utilization seriously; however,professional vedio cable adopts pure thicker copper core,with the flame-retardanting of protective coating ,it makes sure the vedio transmission more stable and electrical utilization more safe.

Inferior Video CableHigh Quality Video Cable
Inferior Video CableHigh Quality Video Cable

 Preset OSD MenuDetail Menu >>>

The Enhanced "Effio-E" (CXD4140GG)  includes OSD (on-screen display) functions that allow camera settings to be made using the display.This function provides preset menus in eight languages (English,French,German,Spanish,Portuguese,Chinese,Russian,and Japanese) and allows camera settings to be made easily without using an external microcontroller.

OSD Menu

 High Resolution

Higher horizontal resolution of over 650TVL by 960H CCD image sensor

High Resolution image

Confirmed maximum resolution to achieve the 700TVL.
   Measurement method is referred to JEITA (TTR-4602B).

 Excellent color reproduction

Excellent color reproduction under variety of light sources [1,800K to 10,500K]



The ATR (Adaptive Tone Reproduction) function provides gradation compensation to improve the contrast of subjects whose gradation has been lost in cases where,for instance,both low-luminance areas and high-luminance areas exist in the same picture.
     The ATR function improves the visibility of the entire picture by providing the optimum gradation compensation for the image in one field based on the luminance information.

 High Light Compensation(HLC)

It is a function which reverses the area about strong light,To light balance.

High Light Compensation OffHigh Light Compensation On
High Light Compensation OffHigh Light Compensation On
 Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)  

The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) is a function that it can acquire natural images with fewer  blown out  highlights and blocked up shadows by combining a multiple number of images,shot at different exposure times,using digital signal processing.

 Noise reduction

Noise reduction is a function that reduces the image noise in order to improve the image quality of the camera.In particular,it reduces the noise which is generated under low-brightness shooting conditions and other high-gain states.
     The Enhanced "Effio-E" (CXD4140GG)  comes with a space-based NR (2D-NR) function.





 Exposure Control for IR Light

Exposure Control for IR Light can reduce the over-exposure of IR center area,making the whole image gentler.

Exposure Control OFFExposure Control On
Exposure Control OFFExposure Control On

This camera is equipped with infrared lights,It will automatically open infrared light to compensate ambient light in low-light environment,It applies to poor-light or any dark environment,displaying clear images in the dark.Reaching the IP66 waterproof rating,it's applicable to a variety of open spaces.