Our company is about to launch a 960H real-time hybrid digital video recorder(HVR)
Source: CYTech      Last Update: 2013-4-17

Our company is about to launch a 8ch,16ch full real-time recording and playback at 960H resolution hybrid digital video recorder(HVR),it has all of the features of the HVR, NVR and DVR,it’s not only can receives normal analog video signal,but also to receive the digital signals which transmitted from the network cameras (IP cameras), DVR, NVR and HVR surveillance products.

Connect analog Video,the 960H full real-time video recording can be realized, comparing with traditional D1 ,CIF resolution DVR, the resolution is enhanced a lot. Satisfactory high-definition video images, sufficient to meet the higher needs of the video quality for video surveillance and video evidence. Maximum can connect 1080P resolution full-time network digital video, support TV, HD VGA, HDMI output synchronously, achieve real high definition surveillance.

Cloud monitoring service, easily achieve a variety of network penetration, the user can achieve real-time video surveillance and remote video playback functions through a variety of monitoring terminal to on web. Supports DDNS,through dynamic domain name, the static access and manage of IP address can be realized, to reach one step remote monitoring;

Support USB extension, 3G wireless dialup Internet, or Access local LAN through Wireless WIFI, access easily, leave out wiring trouble, Suitable for the place which is inconvenient for wiring. Support wireless mouse at the same time, completely get rid of cable bondage, Easier to operate, wireless distance up to 10Meters.

Has intelligent analysis functions of perimeter detection (Cordon, warning zone), objects guard (lost, left), Vedio diagnose etc. By pre-setting the rules, in view of Conditions, Objects and Events to determine and seperate the object and background from pictures to catch the action of object, thereby judge if the object triggers conditions and more evens. In a certain range, it gets accurate conclusion through analyzing the grasping information.

The product will be launched in May 2013,more functions,please keep an eye on its detailed specification. It is the real-significance HD intelligent surveillance product, you will like it . Any more information , please contact us without hesitation.